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Send to text email RefWorks EndNote printer. The Wall Street journal guide to building your career. Responsibility Jennifer Merritt. Edition 1st ed. Imprint New York : Crown Business, c Physical description p. Online Available online. Full view. Business Library. M Unknown. More options.

Goldman Sachs Jobs: How Graduates Get Hired

Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents What is a professional career The internship is the new first job Landing your first job Your first year at work Getting to the next rung of the ladder Career boosters : setting yourself apart Your next job. Summary Counsels readers on how to work to the top of a chosen profession, outlining step-by-step recommendations for the rapid realization of fulfilling goals.

Subject Career development. All the exercises, forms, and examples were exceptionally practical and productive. They are on-target and provide a great roadmap for implementing an effective career strategy. Using this system has significantly improved the success of my job search!

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You can try, but you won't find a career guide that's anywhere near the caliber of The Ultimate Career Guide Digital Book. All you'll find out there is a hodge-podge of digital books or workshops — each covering only a small slice of the "career success pie" — focusing just on resume writing, or salary negotiation, or interviewing skills, etc. The Ultimate Career Guide Digital Book is the only instantly downloadable in-depth career digital book. It covers all career topics, from A to Z.

There's no stone left unturned. You'll have the entire soup-to-nuts package at your fingertips, which will enable you to navigate the job-seeking maze with the greatest of ease! It's the next best thing to having me there in person , standing at your side as your Career Consultant, coaching you to be at the top of your game, and guiding you toward your ideal career, every step of the way.

The complete, 5-phase Career Potential success program — and how to ensure that you're not going out into the job-seeking jungle totally unarmed or only half-ready. What you need to know and what to do TODAY to get ahead every moment you delay on these action steps is costing you money.

How To Connect With Mentors To Build Your Personal Brand

Click here to read the full story from Lorraine. When my employer restructured, I was totally unprepared to begin a job search. I hadn't composed a resume in 15 years. I initially invested in The Ultimate Career Guide to help me update my resume, but I discovered that it was the perfect tool to lead me through my entire search. The Ultimate Career Guide gave me the confidence I needed for successful networking, self-marketing and interviewing!

A point checklist to guide you in compiling all the highlights of your success record which will virtually guarantee that you'll land the best job at the best pay with the best fit. Click here to read the full story from Jeffrey. The Ultimate Career Guide helped me plan and execute my entire job search!

I discovered how to better prepare and present myself to potential employers. While writing my Accomplishment Stories, I gained a level of career search confidence that I never had before. I know that now I can manage my career, instead of being managed by it. Creating your 1 career tool it isn't what you think it is. Click here to read the full story from Nancy. Thanks to the knowledge, skills and tips gleaned from The Ultimate Career Guide, I now know the secrets to obtaining high caliber meetings, making the most of interviews and presenting myself in the best possible light.

The Guide is among the best investments I've ever made! The Ultimate Career Guide taught me the skill of negotiation. I never thought of myself as assertive when it came to negotiating salary. I always accepted whatever was offered. But after studying the section on compensation, I was fully prepared for the challenge. The Guide helped me use a proven strategy to negotiate the salary I deserved.

Where NOT to waste your time and energy in managing your career — stop these activities NOW and become much more effective, literally overnight. Tools to help you "hit the ground running" when you start your new job, and make a big impact during the first 90 days. A collection of special career resources that you can use again and again, to keep-up your momentum well into the future. Several bonus features to provide additional structure and direction, and help you achieve your long-term potential. Click here to read the full story from John. Working through The Ultimate Career Guide has been a very positive and valuable experience!

The materials on interviewing and negotiation alone proved to be an excellent investment. This unique program — including all the lessons, exercises, forms and examples — has allowed me to position my career for explosive growth! If you're a bit skeptical as to whether or not you can succeed in creating your ideal career using The Ultimate Career Guide Downloadable Digital Book , I'm going to give you solid proof that you definitely can. There are plenty of so-called "career coaches " out there, but very few who run a thriving career consulting business as I do , where they routinely help executives land jobs paying well into six figures.

When you download The Ultimate Career Guide Digital Book , you'll be getting the same proven strategies that these executives receive from me — and use the techniques to shift your career into overdrive.

The attainment of career success does not depend on luck, intelligence, talent, experience or genius. It comes from following a sequence of small, manageable steps — and when you follow them consistently, you simply cannot fail. Click here to read the full story from Patrick. The Ultimate Career Guide gave me the structured approach I needed to make my career change a reality.

Working through the exercises and questions helped me gain clarity about what I wanted out of my new career, which built my confidence and dramatically increased my focus and efficiency.

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When I was networking and interviewing, the Ultimate Career Guide enabled me to communicate more effectively than I ever had before. Your materials provided the strategies I needed to succeed in finding my new career!

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You spend 8 hours or more of every day in your job or career. That's about one-third of your life or more. Do you really want to continue spending that part of your life in a mediocre, unfulfilling — or even miserable — job that you don't enjoy, doesn't pay as much as you want, and doesn't match your skills, interests, personality and goals? Virtually all of my coaching clients and most people who have purchased The Ultimate Career Guide Digital Book are able to command much better salaries after learning my proprietary negotiation techniques, which are detailed step-by-step for you.

Exactly how much? Well, that depends on how much you're presently earning or not earning, if you're unemployed. Click here to read the full story from Elizabeth. The Ultimate Career Guide is the first career program I've used that left me feeling more clear, instead of more confused! All the material is focused and efficient. The tone of the information is sincere and honest.

I found the Ultimate Career Guide to be amazingly practical and helpful, because the tools really work! The system you've created is nothing less than a roadmap for success. Thank you for this wonderful career resource! Don't you think that would be worth a small investment in your career? Download it risk-free today. Click here to read the full story from Robin. After 16 years with my last employer, I was very unsure about my job search.

What is the value of owning a proven career development program that has made thousands of people successful in a matter of weeks — and using it to position your own career for explosive growth? What is the value of not having to go through a trial-and-error process — suffering long, depressing months of unemployment, underemployment or career frustration — but instead using a proven resource that shows you precisely how to get it right the first time?

What price can you put on learning a revolutionary approach to career management from one of the top consultants in the U.

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But please understand that I can only guarantee you'll get these special gifts if you download now! We have created interactive versions of all the career search tools explained in The Ultimate Career Guide Digital Book. When you invest right now, they are yours FREE!