French Defence 3Nd2 (Batsford Chess Book)

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I am finding lately the Chess Stars series from Bulgaria is the best set of books. Oogie it is good to see you asking questions. And I would never want you to be a "trained money. Yeah the k didn't register when I tried typing monkey I use a wireless keyboard. K is home row so it's especially bad. I usually catch when it doesn't register and sometimes when I type the text will appear some seconds afterwards.

I've heard Chess Stars has great stuff but can't find a sample page anywhere. John Watsons "Secrets of modern chess openings" series. Its simply amazing. Its true when I say I improved rating points after finishing those books.

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Now I am at Elo Level. I can't find any books by Watson with that title. Are you sure you have the title and author correct?

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I'm sorry, its called Mastering the chess openings by John Watson. I only have the German Version and translated it into english. Really good books, all 4 volumes. I played quite a number of games as black on here and got some good results after I switched a few opening move orders around.

I struggle as black more than white, so I was really happy with the OTB experiences I had with the openings in this book. I reviewed it on my chess blog as well. I don't want to appear spammy, so I won't post the link here, but if you want to read my review the link is in my profile. Let's face it.

French Defence 3Nd2 (Batsford Chess Book)

Most opening chess books suck. But most reviews are favorable. They get you to buy the book, only to waste your money. I've since decided to waste my money collecting the really awful opening books. At least that way I get a laugh out of it, which is better than nothing, haha! You have to "Look Inside" to see how awful it is, haha! But as far as great chess books are concerned, nothing could stand against Nimzo's My System.

Just marvel at his annotations in his Immortal Overprotection Game:. I dont read the whole book, just the opening Im interested. At most 15 moves deep. Forums Chess Openings. May 15, 1. Gives at least decent explanations of strategies. May 15, 2. May 15, 3. May 15, 4. May 15, 5.

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I have looked at lots of chess books years ago, hundreds. I was not sure about the latter :. May 15, 6. Opening books will generally fall into one of the following categories: 1. May 15, 7. These are repertoire books though, and his writing is not to everyone's taste. May 15, 8. The next chapter gives clearly described solutions to the problems. The last chapter Details gives a systematic overview of different branches in the opening; in this chapter, moves are given without commentaries. Here are a few observations I made about the book. What I liked about this book is the clear way the author describes the ideas behind the moves.

While one needs a certain level of chess skill to indeed use these ideas in ones own games, a mediocre chess player like me can at least follow and understand the ideas behind the openings, and understand why these moves are made by the expert players as they are. I noticed that other opening books have a more methodical setup. In many chess opening books, first all different lines starting with one type of moves are described, and then of the next one, branching like a tree the most important possibilities.

Here, the ordering of the annotated games is more thematic: brilliant games, strategy, modern ideas, pitfalls. Games are usually given till completion. I also noticed that the book is somewhat short; for instance, the other chess opening book I received for reviewing French Defence 3Nd2 by Lev Psakhis is only about 1. Players of a mediocre chess level like me better learn chess opening theory from books that are more basic. Batsford Ltd. This site is supported by advertising and by donations.

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  7. Minev's book still has great value as a journey through the historical development of this opening, but it could be a lot better. John Emms is a strong young player co-British Champion in , who is also one of the most modest and pleasant grandmasters I've had the pleasure to meet.

    Recently he has been appearing on a lot of book covers. For example, Emms' Easy Guide to the Nimzo-Indian Cadogan is the best I've seen of the recent type of short opening book which provides a repertoire based upon the concepts of an opening without much analytical detail. The French Tarrasch is a bit more ambiguous in its goals. On the one hand, Emms wants to, as the back cover explains, "provide a rapid understanding" of the Tarrasch 1. Nd2 "through the use of model games and clear explanations.

    In general and this applies to almost all the Batsford, Chess Press, and Cadogan books now , I have a real problem with the 'illustrative game' approach to opening books. Authors and publishers find it a convenient way to directly translate ChessBase files into books, of course; but the result has been to make it too easy to neglect covering an opening as a whole.

    Skipping even important established variations has become too common even in books called 'The Complete To be sure, John doesn't commit either of those sins, but he does make less serious omissions. For example, he devotes 8 deeply-annotated games and 14 pages to the position after 1. Nd2 Nf6 4. Bd3 c5 6. Ne2 cxd4 8.

    Nf3 Bf4 Bxf4 Nxf4 Ne4, and half of that to the sacrifice Ne2 Rxf3. But common Black and White alternatives are given short shrift. For example, Black is currently doing well with the move Ng4, which is not new but goes unmentioned in Emms' book. It is normal for theory to jump around in such lines; an author thus needs to balance his presentation as much as possible to anticipate such shifts and to express a greater variety of ideas.

    He should also ask himself if it is so important or important at all for the average reader to know about all the recent improvements on move 23 literally!

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    Ne4 line. Similarly, John gives a detailed analysis of some of the fashionable 3. Nd2 c5 4.