Damascus: A History (Cities of the Ancient World)

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Ancient City of Damascus, Syria

This alliance is recorded in Assyrian documents of this period. Though some scholars think these battles actually occurred decades later.

With Assyria in a period of decline, Hazael dominated much of Syria and Palestine and captured a lot of Israelite territory. This changed dramatically in BCE, when Assyria regained its strength and began to attack the Arameans. The city was virtually destroyed in , and Damascus as a super power was no more.

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This lasted until the time of Alexander the Great, who then appointed a Greek to govern the city. Unlike the people of Jerusalem, which resisted Hellenization, the people of Damascus embraced it readily. Soon, the city was once again a capital — this time of the Seleucid kingdom. Categories: Ancient Cities.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is known as the oldest continuously populated city in the world.

Under Egyptian Rule

It is now the capital of Syria, and has a population of 1,, people. Various translations have included: "a settlement in water-rich surroundings," or "the town of chalky clay. This period is known as the Late Bronze Age, and the Egyptians controlled a vast area. During the first half of the first millennium, Damascus was the capital of the Aram kingdom and was generally referred to as Aram Damascus.

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According to a story in 2 Sam , David claimed to have defeated the Arameans in Damascus. Founded in the third millennium B.

Damascus: A History

The city has changed hands countless times over the centuries. The city itself, though, thrived as it does today at the heart of an independent Syria.

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The Arab conquest of Damascus eventually precipitated construction of the mosque, which dates to the early eighth century. A shrine reported to house the head of John the Baptist lies inside the mosque walls.

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