Cretaceous sea level rise : down memory lane and the road ahead

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Cretaceous Sea Level Rise delves into the question of whether the observed short-term sea-level changes are regional tectonic or global eustatic and determines their possible relation to climate cycles; to assess the role of feedback mechanisms, i. Though research has been, and is being, conducted in these fields since the introduction of sea level cycles and sequence development concepts in the s, the available information is scattered. Cretaceous Sea Level Rise presents the current understanding and future directions of the research on Cretaceous sea level cycles in a single source, forming a reference work for beginners, graduates and postgraduates who are interested in this subject.

Endogenic processes and causes 3. Eustasy and related causes 3. Eustasy under greenhouse conditions? Limno-eustasy 3. Eustasy due to thermal expansion-contraction of sea water. Sedimentary proxies 4. Physical proxies 4. Biological proxies 4. Geochemical proxies 4. Integrated analyses for documenting sea level fluctuations.

He is among the pioneering researchers on the subject of chemostratigraphy and has been authoring on the topic for the past 15 years. Ramkumar has published more than journal articles and book chapters, authored two books and edited five Special volumes by International publishers. He is a member of editorial committees and boards of many international geoscience journals. Newsletter Google 4.

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