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Iran's audacious drone and cruise missile attack on Saudi Arabia's oil producing facilities has provided a critical test yet for the Trump administration's foreign policy. Chinese trade negotiators suddenly canceled a visit to meet U. With all of these achievements under his belt Gates is using the second half of his life to give back to the world.

His philanthropy work has taken his accomplishments to a new level. Click ahead to see how!

By the s Microsoft developed an operating system for IBM and created innovative software for Apple. Gates introduced Microsoft Windows and later it became the signature software for most PCs. By , Microsoft delve into the internet market and included Explorer on every copy of Microsoft Windows. The foundation supports grantees in the U.

Shown here is the foundation's new campus scheduled to open in the spring Global Development — Focuses on agricultural development, financial services for the poor, special initiatives libraries, emergency relief, urban poverty, financial services for the poor. United States Program — Concentrate on education postsecondary degrees , libraries, homelessness, emergency relief efforts. Today, the foundation is working on their Living Proof Project which continues to support those in need. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

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Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. MG: The research dollars that we spend in the United States are primarily focused on the education system, because we feel that if kids can get a great education, they can go on to live out their talents in the world.

It's a better time in the world to be a woman than it has ever been—yet it's not getting better fast enough. MG: Outside the U. When we got into this work, there was a year lag between when a vaccine came out in the United States or Europe and when it got out in, say, Kenya or Tanzania. It also makes me frustrated as a global health advocate. I meet with mothers in the developing world, who walk 15 kilometers in the heat with a child at their side and a baby on their back or in their belly, because they know the difference a vaccine makes.


I think we need a society where wealth is more equal. We should not have this kind of inequality in one of the world's wealthiest countries. I think we need a society where equality is more equal, and wealth is more equal.

MG: We have three: daughter, son, daughter. How old are yours? MG: You start really young. Get the kids questioning why somebody would be homeless in a city like ours when we have a nice house. I remember taking both of our older kids, when they were young, out in Seattle. It was Christmastime, and their school was hosting this event to make boxes for the homeless, so that when they come into a shelter they get a box of toiletries. We were helping: We folded the boxes, and we put a piece of soap in there, we put a razor in and a washcloth, and I was feeling good about it.

MG: We are absolutely a learning foundation, and I hope we always will be. Then you back up and try other things. At first, Jobs did not pay attention to the programmer's interest in the software that the company was producing at that time. But Apple did not actually own the rights to them. Because of the scandal, Microsoft received a frosty reception from consumers and the company had to start developing a system for personal computers from scratch.

Interestingly, Gates and Allen have had an indefinite right to use the entire MAC interface since The conflict between Bill Gates and Paul Allen, whom the programmer created his company with, began in This was reflected in the size of the shares that went to each programmer and the amount of remuneration.

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In , Allen was fighting cancer and decided to leave the company. Bill, along with one of his partners at that time, was considering the possibility of reducing Paul's shares in the company. The majority of this came from a block of shares of the company which he and Gates had created. Bill Gates has never revealed his plans for the future. He is actively involved in the development of a charitable foundation, which his wife also participates in the management of.

Bill Gates: The Billionaire Philanthropist

Charity is now in the forefront for Bill Gates. It is unlikely that the next technological breakthrough will come from the founder of Microsoft in the coming years. In his own words, every significant development takes several years of continuous work on its implementation and the subsequent improvement of technology.

Bill Gates, the genius of our time and one of the richest and most influential businessmen in the world, will go down in history primarily as the founder of Microsoft. His other initiatives harmoniously complement his original role, turning Gates into a developer and a businessman who does not depend on a particular company and can successfully manage almost any project in his field.

Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

Those who want to repeat the success of Bill Gates do not have to search very far for information about the steps the creator of Microsoft took. He shared the secret of his success in his books. It tells about the development of society in the era of new technologies. The book has been edited more than once - for example, just one year after its release it had to be amended to reflect a new area of development for Microsoft, Internet technology.

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Inside it you will find a detailed description of the concept of lean manufacturing, as well as ways of introducing new technologies into business - and solving the pressing problems of entrepreneurs with their help. The book is available in about 60 countries and has been translated into 25 languages. Thomas Zimmardi. Regular Hitecher contributor since , journalist. Technology enthusiast. Particularly knowledgeable of the pharmaceutical industry as well as banking and finance. Passionate about cryptocurrency and its future development.

Husband and future father interested in a better future for our planet. When will humanity switch to eating artificial meat? Do not charge your phone in the mall. Childhood, adolescence, programming Bill was born and raised in Seattle.

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Microsoft: the beginning In , the future billionaire enrolled at Harvard. In addition to Microsoft In , Bill founded Corbis, a multimedia project company. Gates vs. Jobs and Gates vs. Allen The conflict between Gates and Jobs arose from the fact that one of the developers at "Microsoft" used Apple's ideas. What's next?