Between the Thames and the Tiber: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Jack's a retired ex-cop from New York, seeking the simple life in Cherringham. Sarah's a Web designer who's moved back to the village find herself. But their lives are anything but quiet as the two team up to solve Cherringham's criminal mysteries. The year is , the place, New York City.

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Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist, or "alienist. The name of Sherlock Holmes conjures images of gas-lit streets and dark mysteries from a bygone age.

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Solving crimes alongside his trusted friend Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes is, without a doubt, the most famous sleuth the world has ever known. Now, with full authorization from the Conan Doyle estate, we bring you 23 newly written adventures as presented on the long-running dramatic radio series starring John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes, with Lawrence Albert as Dr. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective in literary history.

For the first time since the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a new Holmes story has been sanctioned by his estate, whetting the appetites of fans everywhere. Information about the book will be revealed as deliberately as Holmes himself would unravel a knotty case, but bestselling novelist and Holmes expert Anthony Horowitz is sure to bring a compelling, atmospheric story to life. In rural, impoverished Burgoyne County, New York, a pattern of strange deaths begins to emerge: Adolescent boys and girls are found murdered, their corpses left hanging in gruesome, ritualistic fashion.

Senior law enforcement officials are quick to blame a serial killer, but their efforts to apprehend this criminal are peculiarly ineffective. On a cold November morning, a young American actress visits B Baker Street, desperate for Sherlock Holmes to protect her from the threats of a mysterious, menacing man who has recently appeared in her life. Holmes agrees to help, even though he has just promised the Prime Minister to solve the murder of John D.

Rockefeller's security agent before the incident can derail an upcoming British-American summit. Cherringham - a quiet town in the Cotswolds. Nothing ever happens there, or so it seems - until one morning a woman's body is found in the river. A terrible accident, according to the police.

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But is this true? Sarah believes there must be more to it. In Jack, a former NYPD homicide detective, she finds a partner who is willing to start investigating with her. They soon find out that things are not as clear as the police want them to be This first - of many cases brings Sarah and Jack together in an unlikely partnership. Here are the thrills, grandeur, and unabashed fun of the Greek myths, stylishly retold by Stephen Fry. The legendary writer, actor, and comedian breathes life into ancient tales, from Pandora's box to Prometheus's fire, and transforms the adventures of Zeus and the Olympians into emotionally resonant and deeply funny stories, without losing any of their original wonder.

Learned notes from the author offer rich cultural context.

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This volume is a doorway into a captivating world. This collection of 25 Hercule Poirot adventures is compiled from short stories written by Agatha Christie for The Sketch magazine in from March to December. In these stories, including "The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim", "The Veiled Lady", and "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb", the eccentric private detective slowly and surely solves mysteries involving jealousy, revenge, and greed.

These stories were well-received at the time and cemented Christie's reputation as the worthy successor to Arthur Conan Doyle.

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It is June , a grey period for both the weather and Sherlock Holmes' mood. A lack of compelling cases has left him bored and close once again to the dull embrace of the needle. At the 11th hour, Inspector Gregson arrives with the promise of an impossible crime to solve. A murder has shattered the bucolic peace of the sleepy arable farmlands of Bedfordshire. The owner of a small stately home has been brutally killed while hosting a dinner party. But what and where is the murder weapon? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson traverse the British Isles and the Italian peninsula in a rousing new series of adventures.

After a thrilling jaunt in the Far East, Holmes and Watson return to England to address an inheritance left by one of Watson's relatives in Cornwall, half of which he gave to his dear friend, Sherlock Holmes. Financially secure, the two are now free to spend as much time on Baker Street and the Continent as they please, and the duo find themselves as comfortable in Rome on the banks of the Tiber as the Thames.

Sherlock Holmes

As Holmes rationalizes and ratiocinates his way through case after case - from "The Case of Two Bohemes" to "A Singular Event in Tranquebar" - it's all in a day's work, until clues surface that his great nemesis, Professor James Moriarty, might still be alive…. Simon Prebble is an excellent performer, but the material is just not that interesting. And having sections in Italian or French, or German does not make it more worth listening to for me.

While it does suggest a couple of different possibilities, it is just kind of dull. I'll give this book credit: even when the stories are weak, Riccardi's writing is generally strong enough to carry the day. However, there are a few exceptions--in particular, the stories where Holmes "loses. On the other hand, Riccardi, in at least one glaring instance, is willing to cut things off in the middle, without offering readers any sort of resolution as to what the heck is going on.

Aug 19, Rachel Kennedy rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery. Of course, no one can recreate Sherlock Holmes, but this was a weird attempt. Some of the basic Sherlock characteristics were ignored, the stories were not well developed, and most of the stories didn't really seem to have an ending. If they did, 9 times out of 10, Sherlock was bested, which also is supposed to be a rarity.

Settings and time periods in which the stories were placed in relation to the known Sherlock stories was confusing and not clarified, in my opinion. I've always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes.

Between the Thames and the Tiber: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Britain and Audiobook

The originals I grew up with and now and then I'll find another writer with the skill and story-telling abilities like Conan Doyle. This isn't it. This Holmes barely solves any of these "mysteries" and approaches the Watson of the Barrymore pictures in his denseness. It is amazing that anyone would actually publish this.

Avoid this like the plague. Dec 04, Susan rated it it was ok Shelves: sherlock , Read most these short stories, found some enjoyable in an ordinary sort of way, others pretty slow moving. The stories I read were just OK. There was no 'wow' factor to Sherlock's sleuthing expertise in this author's hands. It is most likely for that reason that I was only able to get through some of the stories. Your Holmes mileage may vary, but this is how I felt about the book. Jul 09, Peter rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , books-about-books , italy , fiction , travel , sherlock-holmes.

Ted Riccardi wrote a marvelous set of Holmes Short Stories years ago attempting to explain the missing years problem in the Holmes Cannon. This new set of stories, set between London and Rome are really quite nicely done but lack the brilliance of the first collection of stories Jan 30, M. Graham rated it it was ok Shelves: holmes-pastiche. A real disappointment after Riccardi's Oriental Casebook , which I enjoyed tremendously. It needs more action, by which I don't mean running around and high tension, but simply things happening.

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Each story is an exposition and solution, without much process in between. Jun 13, Sara added it. Someone needs to fire the editor. Mar 29, Denton Holland rated it it was ok. Neither as creative nor engaging as many other pastiches I've read. May 09, Cheryl rated it it was ok. It was boring, and I love Sherlock Holmes, but May 04, Mike rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Absolutely nobody.